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by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten


Remember the Verdeen cousins of Sweetgum, Texas? They are back in another chicken-fried comedy, LAST ROUNDUP OF THE GUACAMOLE QUEENS. It is Chapter Three of the Verdeen Trilogy, following THE RED VELVET CAKE WAR and REX’S EXES. Written by the most successful comedy playwrights active today, GUACAMOLE QUEENS centers on the closing of Sweetgum High School and the Last High School Reunion. Action takes place inside “Wide Bride,” the wedding gown boutique for big gals owned by Cousin Jimmie Wyvette (PAULA WALDROP). Her cousins Gaynelle (SARA ANDERSON) and Peaches (ERICA REAGAN) are pitching in with the shop and with the planning for the reunion. Of course, the Verdeens are noted for their colorful disasters. Jimmie goes on local cable access to publicize the reunion and gets in a catfight with a televangelist (SHERRIE COOKE). Peaches, a morturarial cosmetologist, accepts a double date to the reunion with a returning classmate and his best friend, an evil hand puppet, both played by STEVE GEDDES. Gaynelle was asked by a preacher to quit tap dancing on the casket of her ex-husband during his funeral. The rest of the Verdeen family remain as off-center as ever. Old Uncle Aubrey (MICHAEL TROST) is still pursuing the senior ladies of Sweetgum, this time twin sisters played by CHARLYNE DODGE and CINDY OGLESBY. Meanwhile, Aunt LaMerle (MARION KIMBERLY) is campaigning to be the Last Guacamole Queen, a competition among all the former homecoming queens at Sweetgum. Her primary opponent is her niece, Gaynelle. Meanwhile, there are several problems with the reunion — an earthquake allegedly caused by fracking, the high school building is blown up two days early, a deceased alumnus, fire ants, and a skinny-dipping Governor of Texas. Also wandering through the chaos are MICHELLE MATHEWS as CeeCee Windom, local television star; GARY SIMMONS as Raynard, a recurring Hope-Jones-Wooten character; and MARK DONALDSON as Sheriff Grover Lout.

This is our fifth Hope-Jones-Wooten script. They are the most produced playwrights in the nation because they are very, very funny. Please join us for a fun production.


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